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Melania De Luca
Senior Content Strategist Healthware International
Melania De Luca
Luck doesn't exist, it is the moment when talent meets opportunity

Strategist by profession, linguist by training, polyglot by natural propensity and volleyball player by passion.

Graduated in Communication, and her curriculum also includes a year of study abroad in contact with the major European exponents in Computational Linguistics. Her countless trips around the world have made her emotional radars extremely receptive to everything that is innovation, technology and new media.

Passionate about semiotics and information architecture, Melania has been in the world of digital communication in the Health sector for over 10 years.  Author for the blog Digital Health Italia (, Ninja Academy teacher for the Online Master in Healthcare Marketing, in 2017 she joined the faculty of the Digital Health Academy.

She is currently Content Strategist in Healthware International.

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