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Our goal is to turn digital disruption into a skill

Journey into the digital self

Digital transformation is increasingly impacting people's lives and is changing the way relationships are managed. Before governing digital change, innovations and technologies, it is fundamental to investigate the dimensions of our digital self.

The experiential workshop "Journey into the digital self" is a training course that deeply embraces the mission of the Digital Health Academy: digital humanism.

The aim of the workshop is, in fact, to propose a reflection on people individually, and then as a team. It is people who are at the center of the digital transformation, with all their differences, attitudes and peculiarities, rather than abstract and identical skills for everyone.

The workshop is structured in three different phases, which constitute three stages of the training path
Workshop Tappa 1
The first stage of the course consists of an assessment phase in which, through a narrative questionnaire, the participants are profiled in relation to some key dimensions of the module. The questionnaire will be short and will serve as a teaser to create curiosity and involvement.
Workshop Tappa 2
Starting from the answers to the questionnaire, a map of profiles, behaviors and approaches to communication is created. Before the workshop starts, each participant will receive his or her personalized profile in a sealed envelope.
Workshop Tappa 3
The workshop continues with an interactive phase in which the profile map is presented in a disruptive manner, and then involves the participants in a discussion with the speaker and other colleagues with a high educational value.
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